release history

Release History

Realism 26 in testing 20151218, release Jan 10th

Realism 25 "Panther Piss"
Korea 1950

Realism 25 is in the dev & testing phase
2015-feb back in the workshop
success with f9f-5 Panther

activate 1946-1950, a mini "War Thunder"
"War Thunder" rival for frugal hardware, space needed 0.8GB not 6.2GB
ysflight new version 201502beta
renamed launcher programs:

ysflight32_gl1-beta (32bit)
ysflight32_gl2-beta (OpenGL2 version)
ysflight64_gl2-beta (64bit)
ysflight64_gl2-beta (64bit OpenGL2 version)

ysflight32_d3d9.exe (for windows DirectX9)

Mosquito added to 1942-45, tmp shape
Mosquito introduced into service was the NF Mk II in mid-1942
with four 20 mm (.79 in) Hispano cannons in the fuselage belly
four .303 in (7.7 mm) Browning machine-guns mounted in the nose

Meteors removed, fatal bugs

Release 24 March 17th
"wikipedia says
1997 - Pilot Linda Finch departs on her journey to complete Amelia Earhart’s 1937 flight around the world
in a restored Lockheed Electra 10E. She goes on to complete the flight in 73 days.
On St. Patrick's Day, March 17, 1937, Earhart and her crew flew the first leg from Oakland, California to Honolulu "
note: wildcat entered service this year

updated I-16s to r24 specs (mostly), very responsive, very fast rate of fire (jamming can not be modelled)
I-16 Type 5 1935
I-16 Type 24 1939?
F6F5 Hellcat minor updates, touch more stability, reduce gear drag bug

realism testing 2013 feb
ysflight version 201207
joystick assign files: grip, wingman 3D *.asn
added newer oranleed Me262 shapes, untested
linux sound loss seems to be cured via ys's pulseaudio library
added Owl's flight pack 2013 (commercial airliners) added to /aircraft/testing
added Boeing 247D to 1935.lst coarse object= user/hangar/100coarse.dnm needs an instrument panel
stallwarning is now a tone rumble

--- Realism 23 testing phase feb 2012 "Red Tails" due Feb 14

instrument panel
massive firepower 30mm
deadly stalls, keep fast
roll rate est 85o/sec (hard to get good data ex: 65-120)
medium armour 16mm
dive speed limited

P-40 F G N M
very good dive speed
very good roll rate at 300kt 95o/sec
can vertical stall loop w dangerous stall
6 x 12.5mm guns 1200 rnds
instrument panel (temporary)
-N slightly faster and move manueverable
good armour, tough
-M gets new shape from Major Pack2

He162_A2 upgraded 1945
very good roll rate
light touch elevator, don't stall
no spoiler
good rudder
not tough
avoid high speed dives

DC-3 added from 2ch pack 2006 [inactive]

D.520 updated for Italy use
low firepower (can't add 20mm, only 7.5mm)
low armour
low power

Ta152-H1 updated & moved to 1945
great climb & ceiling
low sink rate
great slow speed
2x20mm cannon [can't add 30mm nose]

very capable and expensive
not that tough
3x20mm cannons
can be attacker
can better Me109 and Spit V

P-39 series updated (not happy with them)
all modelled only with 37mm cannon 30rnds
-D 1941
-M 1944 better roll ...
-N 1944 little faster w less firepower ammo
centerline bomb/fuel capable

quick edits to spits
2b has lower roll rate
poor neg G performance, stalls
hit bubbles

hit bubbles
rough strength, sink rate, roll rate
imported from tf58

hit bubble
rough edits to flight envelope

Bf109 hit bubbles
roll rates, ammo

bf110 hit bubbles

P47 -D -N imported from Tank pack
hit bubbles
roll rate
high strength, very tough

Bf109E imported from EOF pack
rough edits
hit bubble
sink rate
roll rate

B-17F imported from EOF pack
rough edits
low sink rate
roll rate est
drag rate, flaps est

B-24H added
CNAF version
250lb bombs

B29 imported from EOF pack
rough edits
sink rate
roll rate est

P51B imported from EOF pack
rough edits
sink rate
roll rate est lower than -D
4 x 12.7mm guns 800 rnds
Allison engine
smoke position

hit bubble
ammo count and power
fastest roll
6x12.7mm 1880 rnds
slightly reduced gun rate for dogfights
rockets removed so you dont get 38 rockets
no bombs
smoke position

hit bubble
performance limits
ammo count and power
fast gun rate
rockets removed so you dont get 38 rockets
smoke position

Ju87G-2 imported from TMP pack
much tougher armour
rough edits
sink rate
cannon position

hit bubble
roll rate
real had 20mm & 13mm, but simulating w 6x13mm
loads of ammo
not tough
agile, stall danger

FW190A WHITE shape becomes -D
hit bubble
roll rate
20mm cannon only 2 nose, 2 wing
not tough
agile, stall danger

YSMajor Pack2 2011 added [inactive]
scenery [inactive]
ground [inactive]

re categorize planes as WW2BOMBER, WW2ATTACKER, WW2FIGHTER

--- realism release 22 testing phase 2011-March

YS flight version 2011-02-06

renamed aircraft lists to aircraft_1955.lst etc

f9f turned into attacker

moved tmp to user folder

fixed sound file compatibility (loud constant noise when sample rate changes)
converted files to 8bit mono 8k rate
added new/converted sounds from ys pack stallhorn, gearhorn
need to fix: flap sound still bad. filename is not flap, flaps, extendflaps, extendflap,

disabled many bad maps
re color default maps ocean again
found scenery edit bug - dont edit with gedit!
unknown new variable DEFAREA WATER

pseudo-Libya rebel
limited planes to aircraft_libya.lst (deactivated others except aerobatics) USN, Libya, Egypt
747 updated
767 updated
c130 from tf48
c17 from tf48
ea6b hit bubble, old shape
fa18e updated
fa18f updated
global hawk
kc10 updated

j21 Libya has 34? [using F9f Panther to simulate]
mf1 updated
mf1e updated
mi24p updated
mig21f updated: bubble, gun power 30mm!
mig23 updated

p3 updated
s3 updated

su22 updated : bubble, gun power 30mm!
su24 bubble, gun power 30mm!

map bugs: does not show map only ground color, errors with gedit
Unrecognized line
ID 0

j22b attacker added from "eee_ys", fixed gun rate/power, [added to aircraft-new, inactive folder]

--- realism release 21: Jan 27 2010

started placing each plane into its proper year ex: aircraft-1943.lst
that way you can be really picky on what aircraft year[s] you want

disabled TF48 aircraft. They are all there just inactive.

disabled post 1953 aircraft ! They are all there but just inactive.

windows program version 2009-06

RADAR is now OFF ! gun sight radar still working.
Use your eyes, wingman views, side views, and F3 if you must.
Ground radar is still perfect radar.

AAA[default]: fixed overkill, reduced range to 3000m, slew rates, aim rates

Zeros: cockpit fixes, added instrument panel, gunpower for GND attack,
B-29. fixed gunner, reduced range and slew. moved to 1943
I-5 GunRate (600rpm)
F-100D's gunpower (40) rate
F-102 from oranleed was added to 1956-1965, realism mods
Yak-2, 2-2, 4 updated placed in 1940
F9F-2 Panther updated, realism spec 21, moved 1950
F2H-2 Banshee added 1948, realism spec 21
Spit Mk 9 moved to 1943
I-16 moved to 1935
F-84G added 1951, ATTACKER, Korean ready
Meteor T7 added to 1948, model by LordFlash (not realism spec yet)
F7F-3 Tigercat moved to 1944: mods: strength, gunpower
F4U-5 Corsair moved to 1946 (less strength than AU1), air & ground versions, realism updates
X-1 moved to 1947, now uses lordflash shape, realism updates
Mystere moved 1956-65 (1956)
MiG15bis moved to 1950
MiG17 moved to 1952
J-29F moved to 1953: realism updates
F-86A moved to 1949: realism updates 12.5mm
F-86E moved to 1952: realism updates 12.5mm
F-86F added to 1953: realism updates 20mm
MiG15bis, NK moved to 1950: realism updates 37mm cannon!!
F8F-2 Bearcat moved to 1946: realism updates, stores, ammo
F9F-6 Cougar added to 1953, Black is ATTACKER, White is CAP. realism updates
A1H (AD6) added to 1946: realism mods for Korea use. Model Oranleed
Ouhka renamed Ohka added to 1944. ONE hit gun 900!. Kamakaze!
MiG15bis, NK moved to 1950: realism updates 37mm cannon!!
Yak-2, 2-2, -4 realism updates. ready for Korea
Il-2 added to 1941; realism updates
Il-2M, -2M3(37mm) added to 1943; realism updates
C-47A added to 1942, shape by TF58, coverted from AC47 less gun. realism mods
M*A*S*H* chopper added: uses YS Major's shape R22. gun removed
Re.2005_Sagittario* moved to 1942 realism updates
F6F5-Hellcat* moved to 1944, realism mods

250lb bomb shape from Taskforce58

new missions:
Korea, defend with MiG15 against 6 B-29 bombers! [21-MiG15vsB29-realism.yfs]

TESTING MAPS / OBJECTS : see realism-maps.txt
2ch ww2 1945 scenery, objects added for testing [buggy] many filecase errors, reference errors
2ch maps, objects still contains errors, reference errors
tested Skipper's massive pack (models not installed), repaired .lst file
added ESAP pack, fixed (disabled, inactive)
added LordFlash mega packs, fixed (disabled, inactive)
object list neocon added, so those missions should work (active)

OHP 2006 scenery and objects added. BIG! They contained many filecase errors and still contain hidden errors. So beware.
OHP maps are available but they may crash under linux.

--- realism release 20: nov 27 2009

interm release
default screen resolution 1024x768
added tf58 oct 2009 shapes, data
ysflight linux now working again
bug fix glider silverwind, still buggy
updated tf58 shapes data
fixed extendldg sound bug

--- realism release 19: oct 2008

f4f wildcat added 1941
vulcan added, agile but tricky around mach 1, don't over 3G
linux version may segfault with nvidia driver 173.14, ok with nvidia driver 96.43
mission added: 1941 protect fleet fly dauntless or wildcat

---- fixed in realism 18

edwards winter - pink snow bug [ done 240 250 255 ]

--- fixed in realism 17

bugs in:
xp56 bombslot
tu95 bombslot
re2005 bombslot

--- fixed in 16

ww2fighter type added appropriate fighters

g500 changes to Gulfstream IV

HondaJet updated

U125 updated, and U125A HAWKER800XP


Soji's Piper Archer added

Eclipse added

I-5 Polikarpov 1930 added with instrument pane;

Fokker DR1 added (stick and rudder it), and instrument panel, 500 rnds per gun

P-39N upgraded to hangars CCCP shape

WrightFlyer gets real and a fancy instrument panel ;->

FW190 gets instrument panel

Default aerobatic planes must be active or else sim may crash.
These planes have perfect (unrealistic) flight models. I have more realistic models with * suffix.

-- ADDED to 15


f9f panther
xf5u flying pankake

TMP ground objects 45 , hitpoints not upgraded

new ground object data integrated [damage points]
sams have short range self defense guns
aaa has short range sam [shoulder AAM]