airplane list

airplane lists
the game requires certain aircraft to be available for the demos.
These are the aerobatics mainly.

I was the first person to group aircraft by era for better realism.
I've refined the lists to years
view ysflightrealism/aircraft/aircraft-1948.lst
will list aircraft available that entered combat / service in that year

to create a text list of available aircraft
inside ysflightrealism folder
linux command line
$ ./[program name] -listairplane >airplane-list.txt
view the text file

Many aircraft are not activated.
contains .lst files
these point to other data files which enable planes, flyable objects
ysflightrealism/aircraft/inactive folder has more lists of planes, move the .lst out into [aircraft] folder to activate planes found in that list

move the list you do not want back into ysflightrealism/aircraft/inactive folder

there are even more planes in the
ysflightrealism/aircraft/testing folder
but they are buggy & will highly crash the sim