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Welcome to my rambling radio site.
Frugal radio with VE1GAT
My goal is to share knowledge about radio communication: GMRS, MURS, Ham, Personal Radio Service, Marine Radio, & more

This site sprung out of my work with programming the (HT) Handheld Transceivers Baofeng UV-5R & BF888, collecting frequencies to use and scan, Canadian GMRS, Amateur Radio (mostly 2m, 70cm for now until I get into HF SSB)
Started Sept 2013
latest updates

My programmed channel packs (CHiRP img) are area specific for: Halifax, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada

Terms used:
RX receive
TX transmit
LOC location on dial , CHIRP
GMRS no license needed
MURS multi-user radio service new 2014 (uses a few old VHF frequencies)

or 70 trees make good logs (spoken in Newf or Cape Breton brogue)

May the godly be less
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